Monday, August 17, 2009

Sasha and the Magic Unicorns

Hi my friends, this is the final edition of the story we all wrote together(see my previous post). I tried to include everyone who helped, but if I accidently missed someone, please tell me and I will fix it. I know it it kind of long, but I wanted to include everyone's great lines. Thank you
The day began like any other day, a nice early walk outside with my Dad, heading for my favorite spots, when all of a sudden out of the blue a beautiful unicorn stepped in front of us.
My Dad called me to his side, afraid that the unicorn would harm me." I told him not to worry because unicorns have magical powers and are sent to those who need their help." What is your name unicorn?" The unicorn said his name was Uno and I am looking for some most yummers foodables." Sasha wasn't at all sure what unicorns ate and had to ask her Dad. Dad told Sasha," I don't want to tell you but you must know for your own safety. Unicorns eat small dogs and then he burst out laughing, I don't know but lets ask Uno." In a shy voice with an unmistakable southern drawl Uno said "I eat Unicorn chow of course, do y'all have some?" Dad said "no we don't have any, would gum be of any help?" Uno looked at Dad and then Sasha and said"only if its special unicorn gum."" We magical creatures must be very careful what we accept from strangers, even kind ones like you. It could affect our powers. So whats a unicorn to do for fun around here? "Then all of a sudden appeared another unicorn named Dos. Daddy said "oh no now there are 2 of them". Dos said"what could be more fun than 2 unicorns? "Next he stomped his hoof and shook his rainbow colored mane causing glittery stars to scatter. Sasha ran over to the unicorns, just as the stars fell, she was covered with them. As she stood there trying to shake the stars off a wonderful thing happened...she finally saw her magic bubble. She climbed into one and headed off to see all her bloggie friends. "Ohh magic bubble I have finally found you. Where will I go first?"
"I know I will visit Tank, the best dog in the world. Oh now that is going to be a tough act to follow. Who wants to fight over that title? I know it must be Lassie. Maybe Tank knows Lassie, I will ask him when I get to Kansas. I must remember to follow the yellow brick road and bring my red shoes." Sasha was riding happily along in the magic bubble, she thought she could almost see Kansas, when suddenly a big wind came along and started blowing the bubble towards Missouri." My friend Twix lives in Missouri, I see her, she is outside in her beautiful yellow dress."
I started singing, "Somewhere over the rainbow", but just as the words came out of my lips, the bubble began to spin and started sailing higher into the sky right before Sasha's eyes she saw the most splendid colors of all , it was the rainbow. Every one's wish is to go over the rainbow, isn't it? Higher and higher the bubble went until the Sasha and her magic bubble landed right on top of the rainbow.She thought the rainbow was nice, but knew it would have been way more fun to go see Tank." Wizard, hey Wizard! Where are you??"
The rainbow was nice for sure, but what was nicer was that somehow, the two unicorns, Tank, Sasha, and Tweedles were suddenly all together again. And right before their eyes they saw something that was better than even the rainbow itself. The two unicorns gasped. Tank looked at Sasha and Tweedles. Sasha said, "How did Mango ever find a big enough bubble?Look, we ARE back in Kansas, it's Phantom and Thunder of the OP Pack. Sasha smiled her cute smile, "I think I know what makes this rainbow special. It's coated with bubbles that are made from bubble gum and not soap."Tweedles said, "I think that means the bubble won't pop for a very long time." We can travel this rainbow until we find the pot of gold and then we can take it home to play with!"But what is gold and anyway, who's home should we take it to?" This magic bubble is very strong, we could go very far together even all the way to California to see Martine and her new puppies and then we will ride like the horses below toward the great state of Texas to see Dory, and my kindred spirit BILBO!!Tweedles whispered shyly,,,,well I think we could maybe donate the pot of gold to somewhere special that helps feed hungry animals around the world. And then, I would just love for us to let this bubble rise high above the roaring ocean. What a site to see!and then, because all bubbles are magic," said Sasha, "Tweedles, Tank and I are going to use the gold to help other dogs who aren't loved as much as we are.""That's right, said Sasha. "The first dog I want to help is scrawny 11-year-old at the shelter. No one wants him.""Our strong magic bubble can take us anywhere at all. Let's go," said Tweedles.Sasha, Tweedles and Tank got to the shelter. They found the old dog and put him in their bubble. "We're taking you to a new house we built just for you," said the two friends. "You will be loved in your new house." The old dog smiled. Sasha and Tweedles had lots of work to do. After they got the old dog settled into his new home they began to ride on the Unicorns Uno and Dos," oh my it is so beautiful up here."" We have seen so many of our friends so far Tweedles". "Wait down there, I see a some dogs in a pen, do you think they would give us some foodables if we visited them?" I am hungry now. "Oh look it is our friends, "what are you doing here?" Twix said "We have been brought together by the magic unicorns to help animals that need homes, but first foodables to give us all strength." Phantom and Thunder what did you bring, that looks good "It is steak and kibble, now lets eat." While we ate Uno told us a story. "Do y'all know that there was a time when there were lots more of us unicorns?" But then we became fashionable and humans started painting us on vans and made us into Barbie toys and put us in a book series." "We got totally overexposed, so we thought it was high time to skeedaddle for a spell." " Now we only come out when we can help other animals who need homes and love. The need is very great now and that makes us sad, now we only have a few more hours and then we have other animals to help so we best get moving."" First lets go find your friend Clive because he does actually know some unicorns."
Clive stepped forward and said "I never wanted to tell anyone because I was afraid no one would believe me" Riley and Star are here now too "We believe you, can we go with you now please. "Well of course you can, the more the better. We only have a few more hours and then Dos and I have to move on to help another group of pets, kitty cats this time."Just because the 70's van means peace on earth to all animals and humans." "Perhaps we can pile foodables in the van for all the hungry animals, along with some peace, love and understanding." Uno gave direction,"Now listen to me carefully. We will split up, we have the van full of food to deliver to all the shelters we can until it is gone."" Is that Mango fellow big enough to reach the peddles and drive? ""Sasha and Tweedles will ride on our backs with any other smaller dogs. ""Dory, Bilbo...please don't growl Bilbo, this will be fun." Riley and Star, can you ride up by Dos's horn?"" Tank, Brutus, Twix, Lorenza, Martha and Bailey and Eric, Sedona y'all climb on me. Now there is plenty of room and you will be safe, I haven't drop anyone yet he-he-he. Oh look its little Miss Cindi Lou Who, the kitty, why I can use you on my next adventure to rescue cats. All you big guys, the OP pack, Clive, the Blue Heelers, Sadie, Norwood, Dexter, Khyra please get in the van with Mango." "I sure hope the tires don't pop." Tweedles said with glee" I have never seen so much food in my life and so many willing to help." Star said" I can see the whole world from up here" "Oh my something just fell on my head" said "oh my it is a gumdrop, yummers." For the next few hours, Uno and Dos took the dog friends over the homes of people willing to adopt a stray and marked the houses with rainbow glittery stars which made them stand out in a magical way to the rescue helpers. The rainbow van worked hard also delivering food to needy shelters. That pot of gold we found sure went a long way. Uno and Dos told us it was almost time for us all to go back to our homes. Tweedles and I looked at each other and all of our friends and smiled. We have done a good thing and now we were tired and ready to go home. I think this calls for a celebration! Sasha said, you mean like a party? Dos said yes in deed! But first we will need everyone to pitch in and help plan it. Tank said, I'll make the place cards I'm good at writing. Star said I'll bring the paper lace doilies for everyone to tear up! And I make a mean desert said Norwood, "Chicken Ala Mode"! Then Sasha said, Oh, this is going to be so much fun and Oskar will greet everyone with party favor dog toys, love & extra kisses! The whole gang then headed for little Mango, Chubs and Ximui's pool to dive in for fun and make a big splash. What a hot and cool party at the same time!"

"Tweedles", said Sasha, "what a great celebration this is, but I am afraid we do not have enough foodables for Mango so I think it is time to go home. I miss my Mom and I bet you do also."
"Yes I do "said Tweedles" and I am tired." Uno and Dos delivered all the doggy friends back to their homes one by one and I, Sasha was the last to be dropped off. I was sad to see them go, but anxious to see my family. Tweedles and I hugged and promised to visit each other soon in magic bubbles. I saw Tweedles running to greet her Mommies. My Dad was frantic, he had been looking for me for a long time and my family was most grateful to see me again. I was tired and went to sleep and dreamed of my friends. Uno and Dos went off into the night and left me some special gumdrops for very special occasions, not to be used too often. "They have a power that you will need sometime, when the time is right you will know" said Dos. As I drifted off to sleep I thought "Look at all the good we did in just a few hours, we did have the help of magic unicorns I know,but if only humans could spend a few hours helping animals in need, perhaps they too would feel the magic. I think the magic fills your heart with love and you want to keep doing more. " Always believe in unicorns and the power of magic, (oh boy I have gassers I wonder what was in that kibble.) Good night all Love Sasha
Thank you everyone for playing with me.Thanks to Jan Mader for this great idea. Thank you to Mara and jabblog and Karen also
Love Sasha

I hope I didn't miss anyone, if I did tell me and I will put you in.



Dear Sasha,

Thank you for letting Riley and me be a part of this delightful and magical story. It was so much fun and what a beautiful ending!

One day my mommy will read this story to our little niece and nephew.

You are such a treasure to all your friends and we love you.

Riley and Star.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Ohhh this is such a special, special beautiful story!

Everyones little additions made it magical.
You brought it together into a Masterpiece of Art. What a gift this has been- and so much FUN.
Thank you for inviting all of us!

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

That was KHWITE the tale!

Of khourse I would get in the van!

Tank woo fur sharing and fur inkhluding me!


Two French Bulldogs said...

Wowwwwwwwwwwwww what a story
Benny & Lily

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

What an awesome story Sasha!!! Laughs and tearies, old friends and new friends....You and your Mommy put that together furry well!!!!!!!

Smiley Smooches!
Dory...and Bilbo too!

Lorenza said...

This is a master piece!
Kisses and hugs

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Oh no, I just heard about this from Riley and Star, they said the story will end Wednesday, today is still Tuesday, isn't it?
May I add some more, please?
...Oskar will greet everyone with party favor dog toys, love & extra kisses.
The whole gang then heading for Mango, Chubsand Ximui's pool to dive in for fun and making big splash. What a hot and cool party at the same time!"
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Dang... how long did this story go on??? Sasha - thought this was a really clever idea, but I was concerned that perhaps this bunch of bloggers was not up to the task, if you know what I mean:) Somehow you actually made it into a story.

Cocorue said...

oooh what a beautiful ride.....may i come too, i don't take up space at all....

mumster says it's such a nice gesture and i can learn from all of you and if i'm too far away, she can fedex me to you.....i promise i wouldn't be a pest....

waiting anxiously for your reply and i'm packed and ready too....

Unknown said...

Great story! I can just "see" it all!

Al said...

Oh WOW! That's a very nice story Sasha. That proves the dogs are really SMART!!


Historical sites with charmine said...

WOW!!! A very magical story indeed!It was loooong but a beautiful tale Sasha.

BRUTUS said...

Wow - what an adventure that turned into. Getting to ride on a unicorn - how fun! Except I would probably be chewing on the unicorn's mane the whole time....
Thanks for taking me along!

Brutus the Frenchie

Woodrow, Luna, MJ Campanella said...

what a nice story

Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

bbes tribe said...

What a great and wonderful story. It was fun to read.
Ernie & Sasha

Cezar and Léia said...

Hello dear Sasha !
What a beautiful and interesting story!
Thanks dear friend!

JacksDad said...

Thank you for this wonderful story! Now, we will be happy for a long time!

Checkers & Chess said...

hey Sasha - nice story - sorry I didn't get to play -

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Oh our blogger story turned out so cool..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

That was a lot of fun and reading it all together was great. Thanks for letting us participate.

Tail wags, the OP Pack

Jan Mader said...

What an awesome story. The journey you took was amazing. Don't you just love all the twists and unexpected turns?!!

I think you should do it again!

ocmist said...

We absolutely LOVED this story, and are so sad we didn't get over here in time to get into it, too! Mom says that it would make a wonderful children's book with the right illustrations! Aren't Jan's ideas great, and you guys really took it and "flew" with it!!! How FUN!!!

So many friends doing such wonderful things for others... what a lesson/moral for the readers! HIGH FIVE from the Corgi Country Crew

Taffy said...

This was so fun, Sasha! And it turned into an excellent tail ;o) Thanks for hosting our first community story! I can't wait to do it again!