Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekend Stuff

Hi my Pals, I hope you all have a nice weekend. I will just be hanging with my Peeps.
Catching some Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's

My goofy Sister started decorating for Halloween outside already. My family is Halloween crazy. It gets very spooky around here this time of year. I get to help sometimes. 

My Mommy even decorates her village that she leaves up all year, even though its Christmas looking. She loves it so much so she just decorates it for each season. Right now, there are spider webs everywhere and huge spiders. 

I told you thay are all Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarazzzzzzzzzzzzzzy!!

Loveys Sasha

p.s. I hope my boyfriend calls, I miss him, he has been very busy with his football teams. Now that the refs are back, I hope he won't have to work quite as hard.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Run Free Mango over the Rainbow Bridge

Mango Relentlessly Huge

May 4th 2005 - September 26, 2012
My heart, love and prayers go out to your family at this very sad time. Mango was so loved and will be missed. I know Raja is waiting for him and they are running free together. 
Love Anne and Sasha
I will be taking a short blogging break

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

POTP for Mango and My Boyfriend is the Best!!!

Hi my Pals, I am still a little tired after all the courtroom drama and the visit to Puddles for our "nature" hunt. Thanks Puddles for all the tips, I will get it right one of these days.

I read on Facebook that Mango 

Do you see this handsome and very intelligent, kind and gifted hunk of man here?? Well he is MY Boyfriend Remington  !! I went to the mailbox the other day as always and guess what I found??? Go on guess. Are you guessing??

 A package from my sweet and thoughtful and did I mention handsome boyfriend Remington! I got a new dress for Halloween, which I am saving. A picture of Remington and a beautiful love note, which I will keep to myself and one more very special item.

 I saw this mysterious tissue with something inside. Do you remember when I visited him at his home on our last date and I left something behind??

 Here it is! He had given me a fresh picked rose and I accidentally left it there and he was kind enough to press it and send it to me. I have been sleeping with it under my blanket every night. I am having such sweet dreams, which I am not gonna tell you about loving every night

I can smell him, he must have packaged this all by himself. Of course he did he can do anything.

 He is talking about a possible Halloween event, do you think I will look nice in this?? I can't wait to try it on.

Loveys Sasha(Remingtons Girlfriend)

Monday, September 24, 2012

The "Incident" September 12, 2012

Incident Report
Officer:  Sarge, Chief of Police, Blogville
Date: September 12, 2012  Time: All Afternoon Long
Violation:  Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle and Disorderly Conduct
Accused:  Puddles Duddles Rain…um…um…hmmm…
Witnesses:  Half of Blogville’s Residents
Primary Victim:  Sasha

  Description:  This officer responded to report of the unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.  Specifically, Ms Sasha’s Awesome Possum Pizza Truck.  Witnesses report Ms Rainwhatever did obtain keys to said snack truck and proceeded to abscond with said vehicle.  While operating said Awesome Possum Pizza Truck, she did, on multiple (really lots & lots) occasions commit the following violations:  driving recklessly, squealing tires and hollering in violation of Blogville’s noise ordinance, while driving with one paw she did litter by slinging awesome possum pizzas into the streets and targeting residents,  harassed citizens with soggy spit wads, threw a water balloon at the Blogville School Bus, and eventually did lose (total) control of the motor vehicle resulting in a collision and damages to the snack truck.  Fortunately, no one was injured, though many Blogvillians were really testy about the pizza splatters and slobbery spit wads.
A copy of this report is available for insurance purposes and will be provided as an exhibit for Mayor’s Court.
Citation issued by:  Sarge, Chief of Police

Mayor Frankie presiding FRANKly and ERNESTly Speaking
Judge Frankie I stand before you with evidence that I believe will prove that Miss Puddles D. Rainwater did on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 obtain keys and without permission drive our pizza truck to its doom. Before the "incident" as you can see above, our wonderful pizza truck full of yummy foodables for all.

The "alleged perpetrator"Miss Puddles D. Rainwater. I saw Puddles We 3 Doxies  reaching into Mommies pocket while she was very busy with customers and I heard something jingly sounding. I was also busy with customers and couldn't stop to see what she had. I also smelled beer and what I can only describe as "beer farts".

Mommy and I stepped out of the truck when we got a what I now know was a prank phone call, telling us to "run y'all ,there be  skunks on heres". We both ran out of the truck and suddenly the truck took off with Puddles at the wheel.

After the "incident", this is what was left of the truck. There were pizzas everywhere, flying out the back window and thrown all over blogland. If you bigify you can see who is driving. Poor Ernie got hit by a flying pizza and was dazed and confused for a while. Pip and many other residents dove in and took advantage of the free flying food. 

 Our total loss was 87 gazillion dollars exactly to the penny!

Here is a police sketch of the aftermath
This concludes my evidence on the pizza truck and I now ask for justice in this matter. Thank you Judge Frankie for listening. Miss Rainwater needs to learn from this and I trust you to rule accordingly.

I am also submitting this photo as evidence of a school violation regarding, putting notes on behinds without permission. My tail is still stinging after that day, I couldn't figure out why everyone was pulling it all day long. You may need to bigify .

I wait for your verdict.

Loveys Sasha H. Miller

p.s. can you please not be too harsh, since Puddles is my pal and I am hoping we can all go out for beer and pizza after the trial. 
p.s.s. I won't let her drive 

Friday, September 21, 2012


Happy Birthday Surprise Day Mr. Pip!!! You are looking as handsome as ever.
I hope you are having a great day. I made you a pretend cake that is a cheeseburger with candles and a beer to wash it down. I hope you like sesame seeds on your buns. Be careful when you blow out the candle beclaws I put some trick candles on there(giggles)
I also made a cheeseburger casserole with squirrel and possum and lots of cheese, you can just dive in whenever you want. Its all for you! 

Here is something to help you get it all down. I love you Pip and I hope you have the best day ever!!

OK lets Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarty!!!

Loveys Sasha

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Arrrrrrrrrrr I be Shortlegs Frecklebelly!

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Mateys, I be Shortlegs Frecklebelly here to pillage all your stuff. I be searching for toys and cheetos, so beware and be on the look out for me!!!!!!!! I be stopping at nothing Mateys.

Shortlegs Frecklebelly will be coming to your town soon

p.s. in case anyone forgot, this is my handsome boyfriend Remington(my sweety). 

Monday, September 17, 2012

I have a big decision to make

Hi my Pals. I am still walking on air after my date with my sweet Remington on Saturday night. He is such a gentleman and treats me like a queen. He asked me a very important question and I suddenly got very dizzy and overwhelmed by everything and I wasn't able to give him an answer immediately. Here is his post The Life and Times of Remington which describes his request. 

First we went out to dinner and he had flown in none other than Wolfgang Puck to cook for us!!

While we were at his house enjoying the beauty, he picked a rose for me. In all the excitement I left it behind, I do hope he still has it for me.

Next we had a beautiful evening ride on his corporate helicopter, look what a beautiful night it was. 

Then he asked me if I would go steady with him and gave me his college ring to keep as a symbol of our love. My head was swimming, I mean, he is so handsome and so gentlemanly and so good to me. I didn't want him to think that I wasn't going to take it seriously,  so I told him I would have to think about it. 

Gaze with me at this handsome face. How could I possibly say no?? He would be my boyfriend, my for real steady boyfriend!!! My Pawrents love him and have giving us their blessing.


I am exhausted after all that thinking and now I must rest. Thank you Remington for making me the happiest girl in the world. I will call you and tell you personally right now.

Loveys Sasha

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Black and White Sunday

Hi my Pals and welcome to Black and White Sunday with Dachshund Nola and My Life in Blog Years!

I had a wonderful evening with my sweet Remington and now I found a sun puddle to sit and dream about it. Have a beautiful day!

Loveys Sasha

Saturday, September 15, 2012

An Evening with my Sweety

Hi my Pals, I am walking on air. Can you guess why??? Can you??? Can you???

Yes I have a date tonight with my sweet Remington!! He is very busy with football season and I am so happy that he was able to make time for me. Isn't he handsome???
Do you like my outfit?? It is very festive for fall. I hope its not too much. I do hope Remington likes it. 

I baked him some fun and yummy cookies. 

I will let you know how it went as soon as I come back from the other side of the rainbow.

Loveys Sasha

Thursday, September 13, 2012

After School Was Over

Hi my Pals, I had such a blast at school, I wish it was every day, well almost. I never knew it could be such fun. I did have to get a bath, to get all the spit balls out of my furs. I still don't know who put the "pull my tail" sign on my back, but I have my suspicions Puddles.

 Our food truck went great but we did have a slight problem. I hope you all enjoyed the foodables, that is before Puddles got a hold of the keys and took it for a drive.                                                      

                             Brace yourselves its not pretty


Mommy says we had insurance and can get it fixed but certain pals that don't have a drivers license will not be getting anywhere near the keys in the future. 

I need a nap now, I hope you all had as much fun at school as I did. Thanks to Frankie and Ernie and Mona and Weenie and everypal that was involved. To all my excellent teachers I love you and thanks. I hope you liked the apples I sent. School is a blast!

 Loveys Sasha

p.s. Go Packers and beat the Bears!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Pizza Truck is Open for Business!!

Hi my Pals and please line up. Try not to push and shove, we are doing our best to get to you ASAP. I have the bouncy house ready to keep you busy while you are waiting. 

Our menu includes:

1. Possum Pizza
2. Squirrel Bites with Beer Cheese Dipping Sauce

3. Mousatouille
4. Cookies with ground hog and cinnamon
There will be water bowls with your names on them lined up. I am serving beer after class, but I thought it wouldn't be right to send you back to your classes, you know, all drunk and stuff. 

I hope to see all of you there!!
Thanks to Puddles 3 doxies  Ruby  Ruby and Nora The Websters for helping me out with all the deading of the meats. We couldn't have done it without you.

I have my backpack that the pawsome Sarge made all  ready and loaded with treats, water, chew sticks, my favorite toys and apples for all of the teachers. I hope that's the kind of stuff you put in a backpack, I have never been to school before. 

Happy School Day to Everyone. See you on the bus

Please visit  Mona & Weenie for a great raffle with cool prizes and its all for a very special cause. My sweet kitty pal Madi    had her Mommy make a beautiful scarf, which my Mommy wants to win real bad. For class info please go to Frankie and Ernie's Blog @ FRANKly and ERNESTly Speaking.

Loveys Sasha

p.s. I hope I don't go potty in front of everyone, I am so nervous. Do you get potty breaks in school??