Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday(early)

Loveys Sasha

p.s. if it wasn't wordless Wednesday, I would be saying "Where's Remington?", but it is wordless Wednesday so I shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Occupy Your Toys Continues!!!

Hi my pals, I just wanted you to know that I am ever vigilant in my quest to saves my toys from a marauder( I has been studying the dictionary for new words he-he). I have left my post for potty breaks, food and also to go to Remingtons for a game of football. I am lucky cause Rem came to me so I didn't have to worry about getting lost. We had a wonderful time. He played football with my Dad(one time my Dad got a little cut and I saw little footballs come out instead of blood, that is how much he loves it) and they got along famously.

When I got back to my post, I was horrified at what I found, OMD BOL BOL another missing toy. I began to investigate on my own and my pals, brace yourself for what you are about to see. It will make you feel sick and shake with anger and fear..."Sasha you are exaggerating"...no I am not Mom.
I have a thief in my house..."Sasha it was ripped up and I was afraid you would get pieces in your tummy I don't want you to go to the hospital like our sweet pal Bert"...thief..."Sasha, don't call Mommy a thief"...ok toy stealer..."I give up"!

I won't leave my post again, my pals, I can't afford to lose any more, I barely have any left as you can see(this is about half of Sashys toys). Be prepared my pals and sleep with one eye open. The thief could be right there beside you

Please visit my pal Coco at http://cocos2cute.blogspot.com/ for more info on "Occupy Your Toys" Thanks Coco and Viva La Resistance!!!

Loveys Sasha

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Snow !!

Happy Weekend my Pals! I got a big surprise when I went outside yesterday. I saved the pictures to show you.

Look its snow!!! Look at my doggy prints and my sisters big feet. I didn't want to pose, I was way too excited.
I am trying to see if I know how to get to Remingtons house for some football in the snow. He invited anyone who wanted to come for a game. If there is snow here and he has snow, we must be close to each other. I am going to set my GPS and I will talk to you all soon.
Enjoy the snow and the beauty of winter. If some of you still don't have snow I am taking orders, so let me know where to send it. I won't even charge you.
Loveys Sasha

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday is for resting

Hi my pals, Happy Friday to you all. I am taking a break from "Occupy Your Toys" just for a little rest. I have my toys near by so I will keep one eye open and also listen for marauders that may be near by.
I am also dream of good wishes for my new pal Bert at http://fourleggedviews.blogspot.com/, poor Bert ate something he shouldn't have and had to have an operation. I am sending magic bubbles and lots of love to him.

As for me I am dreaming of my Remington as I lay on the blanket he sent me. Rem and I are running outside and playing touch football. Rem has the ball and on to the goal line and I am...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Loveys Sasha

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Occupy Your Toys Day 1

Hi my pals, today I stand with Coco http://cocos2cute.blogspot.com/ in a quest to occupy our toys. Will you join the team???

I give you my stuffies, I will return soon with another post and my squeakies. I have or had a blue elephant that I called "elephantey". The other day it occurred to me that I hadn't seen him in a while. My Mom was taking a white bag full of trash outside and as it hit the ground, to my HORROR, I heard a faint and desperate squeak. I fear my beloved "elephantey" is gone forever
Now I stand with my toys so that it won't happen again.

Do you join with us my pals???

Protect what is yours.

Loveys Sasha

p.s. I hope I can take snack and potty breaks, I am not sure of the rules here.

p.s.s. from Sashys Mom, "elephantey was coming apart and I was afraid that Sashy would eat the pieces of rubber and get sick. I am trying to find her a new one, but she has about a guzillion other toys.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Magic Bubble Spreads Healing Love

Hi my pals, I think it is time for me to call on my pal Tweedles. Tweedles has been my pal for a long time and she stuck with me even when I left blogging for a while and came back. We have taken many journeys together in our "Magic Bubble" to spread love and comfort throughout blogland. Sometimes love is just enough.

Hi Tweedles, I think it is time we went in our very special"Magic Bubble", you know the one we save for special occasions. "I agree Sashy it is time for us to take a journey together". Ok Tweedles lets get in.

Here it is all shined up and ready to go. Lets start in California, we have some friends there that need extra comfort right now."Ok Sashy off we go"

First we will stop in to give some love to Corgi Country for Mama OC has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and they might be feeling sad right now. OC was very sick at the end and she is running free now. "Let the love bubbles flow"

Next our pals Benny and Lily may need some comfort. Lily recently had surgery on her leg and she is better but I am sure they could use a little extra love right now. "Love bubbles on their way" Good thanks Tweedles. Hi Benny and Lily.

Now we are off to Colorado. I made a new pal recently, K and she has the C monster and is getting chemotherapy. K and her family really need some extra love. " I am sending a double dose for K" Great Tweedles I hope it helps, I am sure it will.

On to the New York now for Corbin. Something pinched a nerve in poor Corbin's back and he has not been the usual cracker dog that he is. He is on sleepy medicine to help but maybe some healing love bubbles would help too. "Ok Sashy they are going down right...NOW"

On to Conneticut to spread some love and comfort at Mitch and Angel Maggie's blog. Sweet Maggie crossed The Rainbow Bridge recently. " I bet Mitch and her family miss her a lot" Yes I am sure they do Tweedles, lets both send down some loving bubbles.

What a day that was, it is time to go home and take a nap and dream. If we have missed anyone who is sick or needs some healing "Magic Bubbles" please let me know and we will make another journey.

Tweedles I love traveling with you in our bubble, take care my pal and have sweet dreams about us spreading our love and all the smiles we may have left behind.

Love is, above all, the gift of oneself. ~Jean Anouilh

It is astonishing how little one feels alone when one loves. ~John Bulwer

Loveys Sasha

Friday, February 17, 2012

Run free OC across the Rainbow Bridge

Corgi Country http://countrycorgis.blogspot.com/was one of the first blogs I got to know and I am so saddened to read that Mama OC has crossed The Rainbow Bridge. Run Free OC Run Free on your legs now, no more wheels. Please stop by and share the love.

There is so much sadness around blogland lately. I think soon Tweedles and I will have to get in our magic bubble and spread love and comfort as only the magic bubble can. http://countrycorgis.blogspot.com/

Loveys Sasha

Lets talk about our paws

Hi my pals and good day to you. Today I would like to share some info that Mom and I found in our ASPCA magazine. I thought you might find this helpful and even if you already know it, there might something new to learn(I hopes). Here is the topic: Cold Weather Paw Care Tips, you can go to www.aspca.org/coldweather for more info.

We all have paws and some are smaller like mine.

Some are bigger like my pal Remington( aren't they handsome paws).

To help not have problems in the cold:

1. After each walk, dry our paws so there is no salt or other yuckies in there and check for redness or cracked skin

2. Booties help a lot(if your Mommy can get them on you...sorry Mom), they prevent stuff from getting lodged between your toes and nasty salts on your skin.

3. Trimming the hair on the legs and paws will prevent ice chunks from forming so easy and check for hairs between the toes too.

4. Massaging petroleum jelly before you go out will help protect the paws and lotion after you get back and are cleaned off will prevent cracked skin.

5. PLEASE Use Pet Friendly Ice Melters and not the acid stuff that feels like its gonna burn right through.

6. Remember that if its too cold for you, its too cold for us. We need to stay in as much as possible during the winter and please don't leave us alone in cold cars.

Thats it my pals, I hope you learned something and take care of your feets. We only get the one set, make them last.
Loveys Sasha

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sasha is glowing

Is it just me or am I glowing a bit???? Have a great day everyone.

Loveys Sasha

p.s. those are rose petals from you know who

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What a night at the Pawty

Hi my pals and good evening to you. What a night at the Valentines Pawty over at Glaciers Place http://walkingbarefootinthesand.blogspot.com/2012/02/little-411.html . Please go and check it out. First my date the devastatingly handsome Remington arrived.

Look at the beautiful flowers he brought me.

Look at the lovely treats he brought me.
Wow look at his ride, yowza he sure knows how to do it with style. He is an excellent driver and we had no trouble at all with being stopped by Sarge.
Look at my date, I am the luckiest girl at the dance. When we arrived the room was magical. I got to meet Frankie and his cousin Francine(who is a little mischievous) and Ruby and Penny his wives. I finally got to meet Glacier and his date Nola. I am sorry Nola for the misunderstanding, I was just a little jellies that you danced with my man, but I do understand and there is certainly plenty of Remington to go around. I apologize for the little accidents I had and there was some trouble getting into the closet due to Francine(oh my she can be quite sassy)to get the mop. All in all the food was wonderful, I danced until I couldn't dance and then Remington lifted me on his shoulders and we danced some more. I regret that some of the "water" I was drinking might have been spiked and I got a little tipsy, but Rem being the gentledog he is was very patient and kind with me. This is the best night of my life so far.loveys Sasha

I could have danced all night I could have danced all night....

Pillars of Strength

Today is a special day for K http://romp-roll-rockies.blogspot.com/. The power of the paw throughout blogland will surely bring comfort and spread love. Sometimes love is just enough.

Love has no desire but to fulfill itself. To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving. ~Kahlil Gibran

I have a present for you, but I need to borrow your arms for wrapping paper. ~Author Unknown

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to everydog! I am preparing for my Remington to arrive. I have chilled bottled water from European springs(we do recycle the bottles), an apple to share, some bacon snacks and roses that my sister borrowed me.

Loveys Sasha

Monday, February 13, 2012

What shall I wear??

Hi my pals and good day to you. I will try to stay on the ground long enough to post this as I am walking on air waiting for the big Valentines Pawty with my Remington. I don't know what to wear. I want to impress Remington and want him to think I am beautiful.

Shall I wear my fancy skirt? This was actually a collar but I shook it down to my butt, I think it looks better this way. Don't you?
Shall I be a butterfly? I feel like I am flying anyway.I was a princess once with a royal robe and pretty hat? Will that be a good choice?

After all that I think I will just be me. I think my Remington will appreciate me for what I am(and I happen to know he loves a girl with a football).
Ok this is the part I was dreading, can you see the look on my face. Yes that is how I feel about bath time. Fortunately there was only one minor "nip" during combing but otherwise Mommy is fine and has all her fingers.

Happy Valentines Day to all you lovers out there(especially Remington).

Loveys Sasha

p.s. please don't tell Mayor Frankie about the nip, I don't want to go to his court, it is too scary there. Go and see for yourself.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I am playing tag with Puddles

Hi my pals and good day to you. My pal Puddles http://wethreedoxies.blogspot.com/ was playing a fun game and guess what??? She tagged me to join her. I am so excited that my tummy is rumbling. Here we goooooooooooo...

1. Describe yourself in 7 words: hungry, sassy, playful, active, loving, gassy, curious.

2. What keeps you up at night? House mystery noises, I must protect my family at all times and sometimes there are mystery noises and I must seek them out, no matter who it wakes up(Mommy sighs).

3. What would you like to be? A Newfie so I could really play football with Remington.

4. What are you wearing right now? The same outfit God gave me when I was born and nothing else.

5. What scares me? This is a little sensitive, there is one thing that scares me more then anything in the world, BEING ALONE. I am terrified and will cry loudly if my family goes up to bed after I have fallen asleep downstairs. If I wake up alone, I freak out. I also get very scared if my Mommy goes anywhere without me(I am a Mommas girl).

6. The best of blogging: All my pals of course, I love my bloggy pals SO much, its crazy.
The worst of blogging: When my Mommy needs a break from it and stops doing it forever(sorry Sash and all her pals, it is my fault~Anne)

7. The last website I visited: Amazon, I am always looking for new toys and treats. A girl can dream.

8. What is the one thing I would change about myself? I am truly ashamed here to admit this, but I wouldn't bite my Mommy when she baths or grooms me. I don't know what comes over me, but I do not like grooming. She has to take me to the Vetlady for it and they wear these "shark gloves" that they bought just for me and some unruly cats. I hang my head admitting this.

9. Slankets, yes or no?? NO just my birthday suit.

10. Tell us something about the person who tagged you: Well, Puddles is one brave and beautiful lady. She has a brother named Albert who she loves but sometimes he annoys her(when he messes her hair). She recently survived an attempted poisoning which I am sure is still being investigated by the local police and soon a cat lineup will be ready for her. Puddles has also survived many vicious animal attacks and is still here strong and beautiful as ever. There is also a little devil in her and she has the outfit to prove it. Puddles is my pal and I am proud to know her.

Now I have seen this on other blogs and I am supposed to tag 8 pals, if you have already done it, I am sorry, just ignore this and anyone else who would like to do it, go for it.

1. Remington (of course)

2. Benny and Lily

3. Tank

4. Madi and Mom

5. Jazzi

6. Oskar

7. Nora B. Webster

8. Kari in Vegas

That was fun, have a great day everypal.

Licks and sniffs Sasha

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Snow and visitors

Hi my pals and good day to you. Look what was in my backyard yesterday, that is one big doggy!! I don't think even my Remington is that big.

When I woke up this morning and went outside, I was completely surprised as soon as my delicate little footsies hit the ground. Snow, oh yahoo, now maybe I can send some to Remington.

Now look at my backyard, more big doggies, and when I want to play football with them, they all run away. Maybe they would rather play hockey?
Oh well, lets be honest this is what I really like to do on snow days. How about you??

Have a great weekend

Licks and sniffs Sasha