Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Special Gift and Very Special Friends

I want to thank all of you again for all the love and kind words and support you sent us when Sasha crossed the bridge. 

Blogville is an amazing place and so hard for anyone who is not lucky enough to be a part of it to understand.  The love and support here is beyond words. I don't know what I would do without all of you.

I got so many beautiful cards and I felt the love from each and every one.

I got a very special gift in the mail from Da Weenies of Florida!
A beautiful plaque with a beautiful saying. I love this picture of my girl.

A very special keepsake box with her picture on the top. We got a pawprint in clay that we put inside along with a little lock of her hair.

Thank you so much to Linda, John, Shelly and all da weenies for this wonderful tribute to my girl.

I keep all of you in my prayers and there are not enough thank you's in the world but all that I have I send to all of you. 

God bless you all and God bless Blogville!!

Ziggy will be back soon with a very special package he got from his Uncle Bilbo and Chewy. com. It is his very first Chewy box and he can't wait to show you what he got.

Thank you

Love Anne, Angel Sasha and Ziggy

Friday, June 26, 2015

FFHT June 2015

I am so excited for my first FFHT!!!

A few days ago Mommy and I went for a ride in the car. I like riding in the car so I was very excited. This was our first trip alone so I had to go inside this contraption.

I wasn't so crazy about this part, usually someone holds me, but Mommy said this is safer. 

When we stopped we were at a place called "Vetlady". It seemed ok at first, lots of people were holding me and taking pictures with me and I felt very impawtant.

This lady was real nice to me and gave me lots of love until...she put me down and Mommy held me and then she lifted up me tail!!! I knew I needed a good excuse for getting out of this, but before I could even do anything, something got shoved in my...well I think you can guess the rest. I was not very happy about that.

The rest of the visit was going ok, I am very healthy and mostly up to date with something called a "SHOT".
Whew good thing I am mostly...wait what are you doing now...YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWL.

OUCHY, Mommy that hurt my butt, we have to get out of here!

Once that was done, I was ok and after some more hugs and licks and Mommy gave them a whole bunch of green stuff from her satchel we went home and boy oh boy I was tired.

I slept for a long time and my butt hurt.

I have a lot to learn, but now I know what the "Vetlady" is all about.

This is Anne, Ziggy did really good at the Vet, he didn't seem to be scared and although he did cry for his shot, he was very friendly and loving with all the staff. He is a healthy boy and the next trip will be for his "boy surgery". Maybe some of the boys out there can try to help him with suggestions for getting through it and the "cone of shame".

Ziggy Out!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Ziggy Has His First Day Of Summer

Hi Everyone, I am Ziggy and this is my first post on my blog that I share with Angel Sasha. 

I found something really cool and I don't know if you all know about it but there is a place called "outside" and when you go there it smells really good and there is something that tickles my tummy and I can run around and when I go potty everybody says I am a good boy and goes crazy I don't know why but I like this place called"outside" and you should all try to go there if you can.

There is something else I want to show you, I am deading my first toy, it is a raccoon called "Rocky" and I have pretty much chewed him almost open Mommy says Angel Sasha never deaded her toys cause she liked squeakies but I think I will be good at deading.

Mommy says to tell you that we will be visiting all your blogs soon but since she hasn't had a puppy in a while...wait is that me?...am I a puppy?? anyway she said that I keep her pretty busy but she is learning how to keep me busy and having a lots of fun with a very very very active little boy.

I love you all already and I will visit you soon.

Ziggy Out!!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Thank You To Blogville For Your Love and Support

Thank you to all our wonderful friends in Blogville for your love and support. Angel Sasha crossed the bridge last Sunday and I miss her with all my heart. 

Her heart got too weak and it was her time to run free. She is with all her pals that went before her and I know her Remington was there to meet her at the gate. 

I know that all of you know how hard it is to say goodbye to someone you love so much. 

Sasha had a sassy side, but she was a little love for me. She loved watermelon, treats and going to the park. She loved many things, but she loved me the most.

I know that she cannot stand for me to be alone so this past week she sent me a gift from heaven. Sasha and her Dad picked this gift out with love and care. 







Ziggy Stardust Sasha Miller

Angel Sasha did not want me to stop blogging so she sent me Ziggy.

Angel Sasha will be helping Ziggy to learn about Blogville and all the love it holds.

The Chuck Wagon will be ready for the Rodeo, but I can't promise there will be much more than baked beans since Ziggy is just learning. 

Ziggy can't wait to meet all his new pals. 

I know you will welcome him into your hearts.

God Bless You All

Angel Sasha, Anne and Ziggy

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Run Free Sweet Sasha

My Angel girl crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. 

Her heart just couldn't go on anymore, there was too much wrong.

Please remember her as the sweet Official Chef of Blogville and pal to all.

My heart is breaking.

I loved my girl so much, but she runs free now with no pain.

Paw Out For The Last Time

Love Anne

Friday, June 12, 2015

I Need To Rest Before My Next Chuck Wagon Lesson

Hi my pals, I need to rest a bit before we try driving my Chuck Wagon again. Maybe I should let Bilbo drive. Puddles kind of drove us up to,  but not into a tree and we somehow went through a fence.

My poor hat is gonna need some work. I have to get the sticks and twigs and barbed wire off of it before I can wear it again.

This bronco busting is harder than I realized but I am still so excited for the Rodeo and I will be back out there after a slight rest. 

My hero and boyfriend Bilbo saved me. He got a little messed up too, but he is fine. 

I don't know where Puddles is, I asked her to park the Chuck Wagon for me...maybe I shouldn't have done that.

I promise there will be food at the Rodeo!!

I have been stocking up on beans for the baked beans so we will have plenty to eat and keep us busy.

I need some rest. 

Have a nice weekend.

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Practicing Driving The Chuck Wagon Day 1

Hi my pals, Bilbo and I have been busy working with Puddles learning to drive the Chuck Wagon for the Rodeo next month that Murphy and Stanley are hosting.

First I made sure my insurance was up to date. It looks fine, there is some fine print, but I will worry about that later. I am sure it is nothing impawtant.

That is all taken care of now on to the range for some practice with our horse, Homer.

Lets goooooooooooooo!!! This will be so fun and easy.

Oh my, maybe I should rethink the driver. 

That is all for our first try. I hope we will be back for another practice.


Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha

p.s. Thank you to Jakey at Dory's Backyard for teaching me how to make my pictures more fun!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Chewy Day Is Always A Good Day!!

Hi my pals and like a lot of us, I love Chewy.com!!

When that box comes to my door, I am the happiest pup in the world.

Mommy didn't get real good pictures( I didn't because Miss Sasha would not cooperate when her treats were in front of her) cause I was all crazy to get into my stash and check it out.

"Come on Mom, put that flashy beast AWAY!!!"

I broke into some of the bags myself and got away with a jerky treat. 


Thanks to all of you who let me know about grain free Greenies. I have been having some tummy issues and Mommy has me on a grain free program right now.

As long as I get treats, I don't care whats in them and what isn't in them.

The Pet Botanics Salmon treats are really good and moist. They aren't real stinky either, which Mom hates in salmon treats.

I also got Wellness WellBites that I love.

That is about all I was gonna let her take pictures of me. 
It's Chewy time Mom!!

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha

Monday, June 8, 2015

I Dedicate My Post To Da Weenies!

Hi my pals and I hope you all had a nice weekend. 

It was kind of stormy here, but I managed to get plenty of rest and do a little dreaming in between.

I want to dedicate my post today to our pals at Da Weenies of Florida
Sissy Shelly came home, but only because her insurance wouldn't cover any more physical therapy, but she needs more. 
She is with Da Weenies and I just know they are giving her lots of love.
Her Mom and Dad are trying their best to care for her at home, but it is kind of hard and they really need our love and support! 
Please cross paws with me and send lots of POTP their way. 
I am sending a fresh batch of magic bubbles right over their house.
 I know that Blogville is full of love and support and I know that they will be fine, sometimes we just need to send a little extra loving.
Paw Out My Pals
Loveys Sasha

Friday, June 5, 2015

Ready For The Rodeo

Hi my pals, I hope you all know by now that our super cool Mayorz Murphy & Stanley are hosting a real root 'n tootin Rodeo in July!

I will be making the vittles in my Chuck Wagon which the Mayorz gave to me. 

For the Rodeo I will be known as "Cookie" cause that is what they called the Chuck Wagon Chefs back a piece. 

 I am gonna have to practice riding with this horsey. I am hoping that Bilbo will help me with the vittles and just to be safe I asked Puddles to help me with the driving. 

I will be needing plenty of vermin so I will be asking all my hunting pals for help. 
I am already stocking up on baked beans, that should make the Rodeo really root 'n tootin!!!

Have a good weekend
Wooooooooh Horsey!!!!!!!!!!

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Another Treasure That I Won!!

Hi my pals, just a little while back there was an auction for Amber Da Weenies human Sissy Shelly. It was for a very great family who need our love and support.

Mommy and I were so happy to participate and we bid on and won some really cool stuff. I already showed you my new collar, which I love.

My next treasure I won from Oz theTerrier

 I have my very own homemade from scratch treat maker! 

Is this pawfect for a Chef or what??

Lets get baking woman!!

Here they are, I made the cheesy recipe of course. I plan to make my own pizza treat next time.

Mom had a hard time getting me to hold still for a picture once I got one in my mouth.

They are super delicious!!

 Mom even tried some and said they are good. 

They don't get too hard, which is what I like. I am not a hard crunchy treat kind of gal. 

They are pawfect.

Thank you Oz and thank you to Ms. Marg of Marg's Animals for doing these great auctions.

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha

Prize Drawing For New/Return Pal!!

Hi my pals, I loved the great event that Sarge hosted inviting new pals to Blogville!!

What a great month and now we all have new pals! Thanks to all the recruiters who brought them to us.
Yam Aunty, Frankie and Ernie, Higgins, Lassie and Benji and Oz!

The Welcome Dance was so much fun, I danced and danced and danced with my Bilbo, who is a very good dancer and such a gentleman. 

Now it is time for me to pick a winner in the prize drawing for a pizza hut gift card and a special prize that comes with it(it is a secret).

 I wrote the names of our new/return pals on a paper pizza slice and the prize goes to...

Please send me your address to chickamom85(at)comcast(dot)net

Congratulations and welcome to the greatest place on earth!!

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha

p.s. I got another great item that we won at the auction to help Shelly(which is the best part) from Oz and I will show it to you soon. It is pawsome!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Welcome Dance 2015

Welcome one and all to a very special event to welcome our new pals to Blogville

Thanks to Sarge for hosting this wonderful event

w w W W W

is for...

Wallymelon(There will be a seed spitting contest later)




is for...

Egg and bacon cups



is for...



Miss Oswin, Mara and Brom


is for...

Corn on the Cob


Finn and Charlie


is for...

Orange Float


Cookies Blog


is for...

Meaty Pizza shaped with love



is for...


If you eat them all together you will  have a really full tummy be full of the love and welcome that is Blogville.

Thank you to Sarge and all the recruiters who brought these new pals to the greatest place on earth, Blogville!!!

Now it is time for me to find my date and dance the night away!

Thanks to Bilbo's Mama for this beautiful picture!

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha