Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Giant Dust-Bunny

Hi my pals, I found this very cool new snuggle spot. Mommy laughed and called me her big dust-bunny. 


I hope she doesn't sweep me outside while I am sleeping.

Loveys Sasha

Saturday, July 27, 2013

I have been thinking

Hi my pals, I have been thinking...

 and thinking...
and thinking...

I love you!!!

Happy Weekend

Loveys Sasha

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Winners of my Very First Giveaway!!!

Hi my pals, I am so excited. As you know last week was dedicated to Benny's Buddies. This was a wonderful event, where lots of our pals had games and events that were a blast. The best part it that money was raised to help our good pal Benny with expenses that he has fighting the nasty C.

I opened a French Beastro and charged a small fee for the goodies. All the monies went to Benny of course. I also had my very first ever giveaway.

I have two Three Dog Bakery cookbooks and cookie cutters.

 We used a very scientific(not) method of picking the winner.

 We actually just had Daddy pick two names.

The winners are...drum role please...
Loveable Lily Lovable Lily
Casey  Casey
Congratulations and please send me your address. Mommies email is Chicamom85(at)Comcast(dot)net
 Mommy wanted a picture of me snuggling with my babydoll, but she says it looks more like I gave birth to the babydoll. 

I say thats not funny Mommy
Loveys Sasha

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Sashnado coming to your town!!!! 


Run for shelter...hide...once she gets there it is too late!!

Have a fun weekend and stay cool!!

Loveys Sasha

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Benny's Buddies

I am opening my French Cafe for a few more days so you can enjoy some goodies and remember our pal Benny.

"Mayor Madi has set aside  July  7th. to the 20th.    as BENNY's BUDDIES  time.   That is when you can do some fun GAMES or other neat activities fur our buddy and your followers can take pawt in YOUR activity or game  and make a donation to help Benny with his HIGH as a Squirrel in a treetop Bills. " 
I borrowed this from Frankie and Ernie. 
Please join me in a French Cafe as I present my contribution to Benny's Buddies
Bonne Apris-Midi!!  Bonjour! 

Welcome one and all to a special event to help our pal BennyTwo French Bulldogs
Handsome Benny
Beautiful Nurse Lily
Benny is fighting the bad C and we are "Fighting Like Frenchies" right along side of him.  
The food truck is up and running. Mommy has the keys safely away from...well I think we all know who.

The menu is in Benny's honor, I hope you enjoy it.There will be a slight fee and all the proceeds will benefit Benny in his fight.

 French wine and cheese for a starter. We have Camembert, Grapes and Bordeaux. Please enjoy this with your choice of a ButteryBenny Croissants or a nice Bennybaguette.

Benny Onion and Squirrel Soup. Only the best French Chefs serve it this way.

According to legend, the first French onion soup was developed by King Louis XV of France. He wanted a snack late one evening but only had butter, onions, and champagne in his hunting lodge pantry.

Crepes Benny with Possum and fresh Bechamel Sauce.

Crepes Lily with Sweet Stawberry Cream

Benny Fries

 While the Belgians may or may not have invented the French fry, today, they do consume the most French fries per capita of any country in Europe.

In 1802, Thomas Jefferson had the White House chef, Frenchman HonorĂ© Julien, prepare “potatoes served in the French manner” for a dinner party.  He described these as “Potatoes deep-fried while raw, in small cuttings”.  (French fries at a White House state dinner….  classy.)  This is one of the earliest references to fried potato strips being referred to as “French”.

Benny Crepes with Lily Sauce. Sweet and Sassy all at the same time

Macaroons ala Lily

Creme Benny Brulee

French Beer to help you wash it all down.

QuicheBenny with gophers and Brie

Bon Apetit Mes Amis!!!

For a $5.00 donation you can order any of the above items in any combination and it will be delivered to you. Remember that all of this is to benefit our pal Benny. 

For every order I will enter you in a drawing for 

this very cool cookbook from Three Dog Bakery. I have 2 cookbooks to give away. Please let me know in comments or email if you have placed an order or have helped out Benny in any way and I will enter you in the drawing.

   If you would like to enjoy any of the above items, please make a $5.00 donation to the link below. If you already donated, I understand and I will still be happy to enter you in the drawing. Just please let me know if you have already contributed to Benny in some way.


There are many activities going on with this. Please visit our pals
Mayor Madi
Frankie and Ernie
Frankie Furter and Ernie

Amour Sasha

Monday, July 15, 2013

Auction Wins!!

Hi my pals, I just love when we have the auctions here. I love seeing all the cool loot and I love that it goes to help one of our pals in need.

  I was lucky enough to win a couple in the last auction and I want to show off my swag!

The first to arrive was from my sweet pals Frankie and Ernie Frankie Furter and Ernie
Wow I think I smell them and they smell good!
 It was full of goodies. There was a hide a bumble toy and foodables and all kinds of gadgets that Mommy went crazy for. Poop bags, key chain,  car freshener and more. 

One of my favorites was deer jerky just for me. I have never had deer jerky and Holy Dogs it was delicious!!

Thanks Frankie and Ernie 

Next came a package from my sweet girly pal Ruby

 Ruby smells heavenly! Look at all this stuff!!!

 Do I have a pink pig on my back or is it just my imagination???

There was even an extra toy that I wasn't expecting and a card that Ruby pawed herself(well maybe she had some help).

Thank you Ruby.

I am going to think of all of you whenever I play with my new toys. This is the best day ever!

Please don't forget to follow the music to my French Cafe and enjoy some yummy foodables and help out our sweet pal Benny.

Loveys Sasha

Friday, July 12, 2013

A Fun Story to Share

  Hi my pals, it has been kind of stormy here lately. Mommy and me like to have carpet picnics so I won't notice the storms. It doesn't help much, but the picnics are fun.

  I love her for trying.

 I want to tell you a fun story and I hope you like it.

Daddy has a friend at his work that decided to try pet fostering. She loves animals and  has a dog named Dexter. Lowell is the dog she got to foster and the first night was pretty bad.

 He snapped at her and growled and she wondered what she got herself into. She was afraid to introduce Lowell to Dexter because she thought they might fight.

 Lowell got a little better so she finally decided to try a meeting. 

Dexter is the dog on top and as you can see, he immediately put Lowell in his place and things got better after that.

When Lowell gets too hyper, Dexter "hip bumps" Lowell and he sits down . Dexter seems to have things well under paw. 

Never underestimate us pets. We know what to do!!

Have a great weekend and eat some ice cream!!!
Please follow the music back to my French Cafe post and enjoy some yumminess.

Loveys Sasha


 I got this very cool award from my sweet pal Mason at Big Stinky Dog

1. What are your thoughts on raw bones? I have never had one. Are they yummy?
2. If you could go anyplace, where would it be? I would visit my sweet bestest pal Tweedles
3. What is your fave food? Wallymelon, I will come running for it
4. What is your humans fave meal? Pizza
5. Do you enjoy dressing up (post a photo if you do!)? I do not willingly dress up, but I have been forced into costumes(grrrrrrrrr).

6. How old are you? I am 7
7. What is your current location? I live in Michigan
8. What is the naughtiest thing you have done lately? I made a poo in the bedroom(sorry Mom and Dad)
9. Do fireworks bother you? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10. What is your humans favorite book about dogs? Maxdog
11. Do you have a favorite toy? I have a few, but my hotdog is my absolute favorite go to toy.
Thank you for this very cool award!!

Happy Friday!!

Loveys Sasha