Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sing With Me and I Made A Valentine Card!!

Hi my Pals, I hope you are all safe and not snowed in. To my snow storm pals, I hope you can find a good potty spot soon and not get buried in snow.

I am looking forward to a fun weekend with "Puppy Bowl"!!

I feel like singing, so here I go...

(To the tune of Hey Jude)

Hey Ramp, I love you so.

You took a sad pup and made her better.

Whenever,  I let into my house, then you did start to make it better.

Hey Ramp, don't let me down.

You were made to make my life better.

 The minute we put you up on my couch, then you began to make it better.

Anytime, I feel afraid, hey ramp you're there,
you carry my weight upon your shoulders.

Now everyone sing with me


Hey Ramp

 NaNaNa NaNaNaNa

Hey Ramp

Rampy, Rampy, Rampy, come on now!!!!

I hope you all got over and visited Professor Jakey at Dory and the Mama for an excellent class on making special Valentines cards. Mommy is hopeless in this area and she loved this class.

Jakey, you truly are the Director of Artistic Services and thank you for your tutorial.

Here is my card, that I made for someone special.

It was so much fun, I can't wait to do more stuff!!

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha

Monday, January 26, 2015

Chewy Delivery!!!!

Hi my Pals and happy days are here again at my house. The mailman brought me a HUGE package from my and many of my pals favorite place Chewy.com!!

I was so excited, I couldn't imagine how many treats there would be.

I was very surprised to see that most of the box was filled with another large box. Holy Dogs that is one big treat.

"It isn't a treat to eat Sashy, it is a special help for you."

Look I have a ramp to help me get to the couch by Mommy!!! It is called a Gen7Pets Mini Indoor Pet Ramp.

My Pals, I am having trouble these days jumping up on the couch and I love to snuggle with Mommy and Sissy, when she is here. When I can't get up there I cry real hard and Mommy was afraid, I would hurt myself trying so hard. 

She can pick me up, but mostly I am stubborn and keep trying on my own. Now I can get up and down whenever I want!!

Sasha is back in charge as it should be.

Here I am coming down with ease.

Where should I snuggle??

Pawfect, and that is my special blanket that Mommy put up for me. I am truly the Queen of my household and very proud of it!

I did also, get some of my favorite treats. I know they are for puppies, but I am young at heart and I love these. I am a soft snack kind of gal for the most part and these are yummy.

Thank you Chewy.com for being so fast and having such great stuff to chews from.

I love you Chewy.com

Paw Out My Pals.

Loveys Sasha

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sashy My Sweety Angel Girl

Hi my Pals and I am following along today to let Mommy take over my blog for just this one day.
This should be a real hoot!!

This is Sashy's Mom and she has allowed me one day to tell you all how much I love her.

We rescued Sasha 11 years ago this last December through petfinder. 

I remember going to get her and how excited I was to meet her.

She came in the room and pretty much ignored me at first as she wandered around the room, taking in all the new smells. Finally she came up as I sat on the floor and and sniffed me followed by the first of many licks on my nose.

I knew then that this was my little girl. She was so sweet in the car, shaking a little but letting me hold her all the way home.

She walked in the house and took one look at me and it was then I realized that I was no longer in charge of anything. There was a new boss and she made sure every day that we understood that.

We tried to control her, but eventually just learned that it would be "The Sasha Way" or no way at all and we gave in.

I love you Sasha, I have loved you every day since I met you and I love you more each day. You are my constant companion and have gotten me through some of the saddest and hardest days of my life.

You are always waiting for me and always at my side. I fall asleep next to you and wake up next to you every day. You let me know when I am allowed to pet you and hold and most certainly when I am not allowed to touch you.

I learned very quickly that dress up is not for you and I respect that, however you human Sissy does not, sorry about that.

Please try and understand that I only take you to the Vetlady out of love and not to hurt or scare you. Please give them a break as they usually have to have one weeks notice before I can bring so they have adequate staff.

I love you my angel, just keep being you and I will keep loving you just the way you are!!

Love Mommy

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha

p.s. Mommy(sniffle) you did pretty good(but it is just for today).

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"Squirrel Appreciation Day"

Hi my Pals and as the Chef of Blogville, I for one appreciate each and every squirrel that my sweet pal, Ruby deads and sends to me.

Free squirrel pizza for everyone.

Lets celebrate this wonderful day together feasting on pizza!!

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha

Monday, January 19, 2015

I have a "Ruby-Do"

Hi my Pals, today Mommy took me for a ride in the car. I was a little nervous on a count of when Mommy takes me alone, it usually means Vetlady.

I was right, my knees were shaking as we pulled into the parking lot and although I gave her my best "please Mommy NO eyes", we went in.

The good news is my blood pressure is perfectly normal with my new medicine. I thought "cool lets get out of here". The Vetlady looked at Mommy and said the words I always dread "Do you want me to trim her face while she is here?".

As much as I pleaded, Mommy actually said yes and even smiled(yes smiled), then I took the dreaded trip to "THE BACK ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOM"(shiver...whine...wimper...yoooooooooooooowl).

I finally agreed on one and only one condition.

I must look like my pal , Ruby  when you are done with me.

Its not pawfect, but it is pretty close. 
I am an Aire-Shih Tzu again.
I wish I could get my left ear to go up like Rubes.

I hope Bilbo still thinks I am pretty and still wants to take me to the dance.

I am tired now.

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha

p.s. Beware of Mommy's and early day car rides...just sayin

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Heart 2 Heart!!!!

My Pals, I am so excited Mayorz Murphy and Stanley are hosting a Valentines Dance.

I will be catering the event with romantic foodables.

Look what I got from Bilbo!!!

I am dancing on air.

I said yes of course and I am counting the days.

Thank you for asking me Bilbo, I am the luckiest girl in Blogville.

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha

Monday, January 12, 2015

Chef of Blogville

I am the Official Chef of Blogville

My duties include are to cater pawty's and just fill your tummy's with yummy foodables made with love by me.

I am available at a moments notice, but I prefer at least 2 days notice so I can make sure I have enough squirrel, possum and so on to prepare the food as fresh as possible.

My truck is stocked and I can provide delivery and door to door service as needed.

I can make anything, but I am famous for my pizza.

If you have any other questions or need service


I am here to serve you

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Chef Sasha

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Day After

What a great pawty for Madi!!

Thanks Sarge for hosting and thanks to Ernie for the great games.

Thanks to Ruby, but what does she put in those drinks???

I am just gonna sleep today

I hope I have some sweet dreams

Thanks for a lovely time Bilbo!

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha

Friday, January 9, 2015

Mayoress Madi's Box Bash

Hi my Pals and what an exciting event this will be!
 Thank you to Sarge for hosting!

  Mayoress Madi's box bash

Madi has worked very hard and has been a wonderful Mayoress and now we need to thank her.

 Grab a cup of red sparkling spring water to start off.

 Take a bottle of bubbles and do your best for her and have fun.

Do you like my bubble??

We can't have a box bash without boxes of my famous possum pizza.

Madi, this is for you, full of fresh tuna, strawberries and salmon muffins.

The Honorable Madi's Meowful Mix

Mayors Murphy and Stanleys Subs and Munchies

Former Mayor Frankie's Fresh Tube Steaks

Madi's Macaroons

Boxed Beautiful Petite Fours

Sarges Surprise Sacks(It could be a bone or a cupcake or ????)

Madi's Madeleines and Milk

Juice Boxes

It is time for me to enjoy the festivities with my handsome date Bilbo. 

He did a very nice job of fixing our box, so I will see you all later and keep eating.

Please be sure to stop by and see Ruby  & Frankie Furter and Ernie.

They have great stuff going on.

Paw Out My Pals.

Loveys Sasha

A Toast To The Mayors of Blogville

Frankie Furter was our first Mayor and did us all very proud. His calm and fair nature brought Blogville together.

Thank you Frankie

Mayoress Madi was next and again she was a tribute to Blogville, keeping the peace and spreading her love.

Thank you Madi

Now it is time for Murphy and Stanley to begin their reign on Blogville. 

I wish them well and have faith that they will once again keep Blogville a thriving community.

Thank you Murphy and Stanley

Paws Up To All Of You!!

Please take some magic champagne bubbles and cover them in bubbles and love.

Look at Dory's pawsome  Blogville flag!!

Loveys Sasha

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Getting Some Rest

Hi my Pals, I am just resting up for the busy weekend!!

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha