Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mayorz Marathon 2015 Food At The Finish Line

Hi my runner Pals. Today is the big day!!!! 

I am ready at the finish line with plenty of foodables to help you recover from your hard work.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!

First stop and cool off your feet in this refreshing pool of cool water(please don't pee in it and thank you)

Next get some food and drinks and pull up a chair and relax.

These sports drinks should help to refresh you. 

Mommy is helping me cook some squirrel and possum on a stick with some corn on the cob.

Dig in! Thanks for the squirrel Ruby, it is nice and tender and delicious.

Fresh fruit will make you feel good all over.

I did a wallymelon sculpture that I hope you will enjoy. Bilbo helped me with this.

Now after all that hard work, you deserve some treats. Lets start with cookies.

 Homemade ice cream. Murphy Melon, Stanley Strawberry, Bilbo Banana, Runner Rainbow

Twist cones

Fresh Fruit Sundaes


Have fun and enjoy all the goodies. 

I will also be driving all around the area with fresh squirrel and possum pizza all day. There is nothing more nutritious than my pizza!

Be sure to stop by and see Ruby for her drinks. That Ruby sure can mix a powerful and yummy drink. 

I will see you there.
I am hoping to spend some time with Bilbo

Congratulations to all and thank you to Mayorz Murphy & Stanley.

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha

Friday, April 17, 2015

Mayorz Marathon Preparation!!

Hi my Pals and tomorrow is the big day!!!

I know you are all ready, now please rest tonight and eat protein, drink lots of fresh water.

I got the pizza truck all tuned up and loaded with food, I will be around and then see you after the race for a celebration with food and fun!

Good luck!!!!!!!

May the pizza ever be in your hands!

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Taking Care of Mommy

Hi my Pals and how is everyone doing??

Mommy has been having a bad headache for a few days(I think they are called migrates) so we didn't get much done around here.

I have been helping her to rest and changing the channels when she needs it. She is feeling better today, so I know I did a good job. 

I am getting ready to feed all of you at the end of the Mayorz Marathon this Saturday.

Keep training, drink lots of water and I will see you there!!

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Preparation For Marathon Runners # 3

Hi my Pals, the Mayorz Marathon is fast approaching so I wanted to finish my series on food preparation for maximum fitness for the big day.

My series began with peanut butter and bananas followed by berries and yogurt. These are all great foods for helping you maintain your energy.

As always please drink plenty of fresh water on the way.

Lean beef is an excellent source of high protein which is very impawtant to keep up your strength. It is also a good source of iron which will prevent fatigue.

Fresh Salmon is another great source of protein, it is also rich in Omega-3 fats which are some of the good fats that we need in our diets.

There are many health benefits to broccoli, however there are also side effects. This vegetable is rich in Vitamin C, Potassium and Fiber. It gives me the toots, so I would proceed with caution. It might keep the other runners away from you and you might get ahead. It is worth a try.

I hope you are all doing well with your training and are getting ready and in shape for the big event.

I hope I have helped you make some healthy food choices.

I will be at the finish line with some delicious food to celebrate with.

See you at the end of the race!!!

Thank you to the Mayorz Murphy & Stanley for all the hard work they have been doing for this!!!

I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Magic Bubble Came To My House!!

Hi my Pals, I am so excited today that I can hardly stand still!!!

This morning I was out for my walk when I saw something in the sky. I squinted and then it got closer and it looked like it was coming right to me. 


It is a magic bubble!!!

There is something inside of it.

It is my very own Bummlie!! So many of my pals have them and I have been wishing my best wishes that I would get one and my wishes came true.

I brought her in and gave her a comfy spot to rest and then I asked what her name is.

"Hi Sasha, I have come to live with you from Bummlieland pugnotes.etsy.com and my name is Tweedles"

"Tweedles, that is my bestest pal's name."

"I know and that is why I am called Tweedles, now you can have Tweedles with you all the time."

"We will play and have fun and rest and dream and use our imaginations."

"Yahoo, lets start right now!!!"

"I got you, now lets play"

"It's Bummlie Bummlie Bummlie time with my best pal Tweedles"

"That was so much fun and now I think we should rest for a while and maybe have some nice dreams."

I hope you all have a Bummlie kind of day!

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha

Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Monday!

Hi my Pals, I hope you all had a nice holiday weekend doing lovey family things. We had a blast!!

This is Sissy's basket, but I am helping her check it out.

Here is mine after I picked through it. I got yummy treats and new toothbrushes. I love brushing my teeth.

Here is one of my eggs, it had treats inside, I could smell them, so I went all Sasha crazy on it and got them out.

That bunny left big foot prints all over the place to try and trick me, but I found my stuff all by myself BOL BOL!

It was also Boyfriends birthday this weekend and I love him. He takes me for walks and to the park and gives me all the love I need.

Happy Birthday Boyfriend!!

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha

Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Shopping

Hi my Pals, we are getting ready for Easter over here and I bet some of you are too!

Mommy went for groceries today and she said, most of Michigan must have been shopping too, cause it was crazy in the store.

Wow something smells really good in here!!


Where is the rest of this good smelling thing???

Mommy says that ham is not good for me, cause it is too salty for my heart condition, but she is making me some chicken. That sounds good to me.

I hope you are all getting stuff done and looking forward to a nice holiday.

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Day After

April Fools Day was fun but I am pooped!

I am gonna hide out, my stuffies are helping me. I will see you soon after a good long nap.

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I Am Going To Hollywood

Hi my Pals and it is with a heavy heart that I need to tell you that I will be leaving Blogville for Hollywood.
I am changing my name to Dogniss EverSasha

I am going to star in the next "Hungry Games" movie.

I am excited about the movie, but I will be so busy on the set and meeting movie stars that I don't know if I can blog very often. I will do my best to keep in touch, but the bright lights are calling my name and I must go.

Jennifer Lawrence has been giving me a lot of tips. She doesn't seem bitter that I will be taking over the role for her. I hope we can be pals.

Who knows someday I might even have...

I will be in touch and hugs and kisses to all of you.

I hope Bilbo will join me, it would be nice to have such a handsome man with me.

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha

p.s. APRIL FOOL!!!! Did you believe me?????? I could never leave Blogville, not even for Hollywood.

Monday, March 30, 2015

My Nails??

Hi my Pals, do you think I need to get my nails done?? French poodle tips maybe or just pink??

I don't think so, I will just go natural.

Does anyone like to paint their nails??

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Happy Sunday!

Hi my Pals and have a snuggly sleepy kind of day!

Happy Sunday!

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha

Friday, March 27, 2015

F.F.H.T. March

Its another Friday and another great edition of F.F.H.T. , thanks to Murphy & Stanley for hosting this fun way to spend the last Friday of the month.

Here is my story

by Sasha

 It was just another fun and snuggly cold night with Mommy, when I suddenly smelled something wonderful. What could that be...sniff...sniff...I KNOW PUPCAKES FOR ME!!

Mommy, did you bake just for me????

Well, she hadn't, but she did stop at the pupcake store and brought one home just for me.

Doesn't that look yummy. My Daddy used to stop and bring me one of these, they are made just for us pups so the ingredients are all safe and good for us.

Mommy hasn't been able to go there since Daddy went to heaven. I knew I would remember this forever because Mommy is doing better and able to move on and I get pupcakes again. It is a great day for all of us(especially me, cause well, pupcakes).

I have heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, well I think you can guess what I thought of my pupcake.

The End
by Sasha

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha