Friday, October 24, 2014

Nightmares From Halloweens Past

Hi my Pals and thank you for all the love and support for my Daddy.

He is still in "infenced-in-care" and is very slowly getting better, but Mommy says everyday there seems to be something else happening. 

Please keep paws crossed with me and send POTP, he needs it.

I wanted to make a post and show you some of the nightmare costumes I have had to be forced into over the years. 

I hope you will feel my pain.


Mommy says sometimes this is true, I don't know why.


Last years nightmare


I can't bare to show you anymore.

Something must be done!!!!

This humiliation must stop.

I appeal to the Mayoral Candidates, please help me.

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Update On My Daddy

Hi my Pals, I have missed you all. Mommy reads your blogs to me, but she hasn't had very much time to respond lately.

Daddy was in the hospital and had his leg fixed(we thought). Mommy says they let him go way too soon and he wasn't ready. 

Friday night, he couldn't breath very good and Mommy had to call the Paratroopersmedics to take him back to the hospital. We were all pretty sad.

He is still there and might have more of those blood clot things and they are checking. He is also having problems with his blood pressure being super crazy low like 60/47 which Mommy says is very not good.

He is in a place called "Infenced In Care" and they are taking real good care of him. I am crossing paws and Mommy and everyone is praying real hard so they find out what is wrong so he can come home for good and get better.

We will let you know when we can so please cross paws with me for my Daddy cause I love and miss him like crazy.

I am keeping his bed nice and warm for him and helping Mommy a lot.

Paw Out My Pals.

Loveys Sasha

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Prayers For My Daddy Please

Hi my Pals, I am very sad to tell you that my Daddy is back in the hospital. His leg pains got really bad and then his leg stump(where there used to be a leg) got all red right below his knee. 

They don't know what is wrong yet, but they are going to do some tests tomorrow. 

Will you cross paws with my for my Daddy?

Mommy and I miss him.

This was us having fun when he got home from the hospital last time.

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha

Friday, October 10, 2014

A Wonderful Surprise In The Mail!!

Hi my Pals and thank you for all the POTP for my Daddy, he is still having problems, but is getting lots of loveys here. I am keeping paws crossed for him.

I am the luckiest Chef in the world. I am always looking for new recipes and new ideas. Earlier this week, I got a mystery package in the mail. I was so excited, I could hardly stand it. As you can imagine, I tore it open and look what I got from our great Pals, Murphy and Stanley @Murphy!!!!

A new cookbook that is written by Chef Fifi LeFay who is a poodle!! Murphy and Stanley were kind enough to gift it to me and I love them for it.

Isn't she beautiful??

She wrote this for dogs, if you look at the directions, "water, tongue warm". 

As you can see, I am over the moon and ready to start right up. I got some supplies together, but promised Mommy a photo session before I start. I am saying "cheese"!

"That is enough with the pictures Mom, I have work to do!"

I have many Blogville events coming up that I will be using these recipes for and I can't wait to get started.

Thank you Murphy and Stanley for this wonderful surprise.

Paw Out My Pals.

Loveys Sasha

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

More Spooks At My House and POTP For My Daddy

Hi my Pals, I have more pictures of my spooky house to show you.

Try not to be scared.

The tree of doom!!

Stay away from this tree, the spiders will get you!!

Sissy be careful!!!!

It is even spookier after dark!

Can you see me???


I am really not scared and I usually poop right in the graveyard.

"Take that you spooks"

I need to ask for some POTP for my Daddy again. The phantoms are attacking his leg that he doesn't have anymore. I don't really get it, but Daddy is having lots of pain and has new medicines. Mommy has been busy trying to help him so she hasn't been able to visit much. Please cross paws with me for my Daddy to feel better. Thank you!

On a happy note, there are many events coming up in Blogville that I will be catering along with my partner Ruby and her fangtastic beverages!!

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Happy Taco Day!

Hi my Pals and thank you for all the great Birthday wishes for my Sissy, we had a great day!!

Happy Taco Day to everyone!

Sweet Jazzi was a wonderful pal who crossed the bridge and she is missed by all.

She loved her tacos so today is a great day to honor her.

I bet Angel Jazzi is eating tacos at the 24 hour Taco Bell across the bridge right now.

I wanted to spread the word and also get to see all my Pals, so I am riding around in my food truck with tacos for everyone!!! 

I have tacos for all dietary needs. 

This is just meat and cheese

Soft shell with squirrel or possum.

Here are just plain shells for those of us with special diets.

Please watch for me, I will be around and hope to see all of you in honor of Sweet Angel Jazzi.

Paw Out My Pals.

Loveys Sasha

Friday, October 3, 2014

I Have Lots To Smile About Today!

Hi my Pals and Happy World Smile Day to all of you!!

Today is a very special day in our house, it is my Sissy's Birthday!!

Here we are last summer, chilling outside.

You can see how much she loves me and I love her like 87 billion loveys.

She is my best human friend next to Mommy.

I hope you all have lots to smile about!!

Here are some cupcakes for her, help yourself. She loves the Minions!

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Halloween Crazies Begin At My House!!

Hi my Pals and beware, this might be kind of scary. 

My family is kookoo crazy for Halloween and they decorate real spooky.

I don't let it scare me(mostly) and I go and poop all over the decorations whenever I want(giggles).

Help this hand is trying to get me!!!!

We are surrounded!!!

Boyfriend will protect me!

Look, even Daddy and Sissy got in on it. I told you they are crazy. 

That is enough for today, I hope I don't have nightsquirrels.

There will be much more to come and I will show you more soon, but don't be scared.

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha

Thursday, September 25, 2014

It Is The Last Friday Of The Month, It Must Be F.F.H.T!!!

Hi my Pals, I am joining Murphy and Stanley  for another great edition of F.F.H.T!!

My Story

by Sasha

Last Monday, Mommy and I were chilling in the family room. She was looking at my face and saying "Sasha I miss your beautiful eyes, there is too much hair covering them right now."

Mommy, I love my new look, I look like my sweet pal Ruby! Just leave my hairs alone and lets get some wallymelon and snuggle up.

Mommy picked me up and took me in the kitchen. "Yahoo, time for wallymelon". She put me in the sink. "What is going on?"

Next to the sink I see a gigantic evil looking pair of very sharp scissors, I could tell just by looking at them how sharp they were. There was also a towel and just when I thought things couldn't get any worse...she cut my furs from my snooter!!

Here I am before, now what is wrong with my furs???

Here I am after she wiped all the blood off cut my furs. Look, she missed one long hair over my right eye.

I have news for her, it is staying there!!

After that we did eat wallymelon and then I just fell asleep, that was exhausting.

Beware of Mom's with scissors.

Thanks to Murphy and Stanley for having this fun day every month.

Paw Out My Pals.

Loveys Sasha

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Big Big Big And Happy News by Sasha

Hi my Pals and I have the best biggest and happiest news I have had in a while from my house.

First a little sad news, Mommy trimmed my face and I don't look like Ruby anymore.

She said she missed seeing my eyes. 

She did miss that one long hair, but she is not getting it.

Enough of that, on to the NEWS!!!




My Daddy is walking again!!!!!

Mommy and Daddy went to the leg store and Daddy got his new leg and walked on it back and forth all by himself.

He didn't get to keep it yet, they have to fix it a little, but in a few days he can pick it up and walk all the time!!

He has to go for leg store therapies but we are all so proud of him and so very happy.

Please sing along with me(to the tune of Happy Birthday to me)!

Daddy has a new leg

Daddy has a new leg

Daddies walking on his new leg

Daddy has a new leg

and he can waaaaaaalk!!

Thank you for letting me share my happy news.

Paw Out My Pals

Loveys Sasha