Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Just a quick note from Sasha

Hi my pals and good golly have I missed you all!

I only have a quick note right now,  because as you can see I am ready to get going someplace special.


I hope Mommy lets me drive, Puddles taught me so I should be fine.

I promise I will be back soon with more news, lots of catching up to do.

Mommy has many,  many , many thank you's she want so to shout out to the pals who have sent cards, e-cards, e-mails and love, love, love! 

We will be back soon, we are planning a pawty and you are all invited.

I will let you know the date soon.

Loveys Sasha and the Mommy

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Thank You To My Pals

Mommy and I want to thank you all so much for all of your kind thoughts and prayers.

Daddy had his operation and it went good and so far he is doing good.

He is very sleepy and the doctor said that he will be fine now.

The next step after a week or so is physical therapy.

Mommy is very tired also and she says that this is how she feels, so we are gonna go and snuggy for a while.

We will keep you updated.

Thank you to Frankie and Ernie Frankie Furter and Ernie and Madi Madi and Mom   for mentioning my Daddy on their blogs and that helped all of you to send more loveys our way.

POTP is amazing and so is Blogsville.

We feel so blessed and lucky to be a part of it and have all of you.

We will be back to blogging soon and well...I love you all!!!

I have had lots of time at home,so I decided to bake some cuppycakes. 

Please take some with you to celebrate my Daddy(don't worry they aren't real sheep, giggles)

Loveys Sasha and the Mommy

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Finally Some Good News To Share by Sasha

Hi my pals and I hope you are yours are all well. 

First, my Daddy is getting better and there is hope that he might come home in 2 weeks.

The Doctors have figured out a lot of his problems and are on the right path!!

Yahoo and Yipeee says me!!!

Here is the next good news.

I am better!!

Since my new medicine and the changes(grrrrrrrrrrr) in my diet, I have been just like my old self as Mommy says.

Mommy also found me some yummy treats from Chewy.com that are good for my heart.

As you can see above, I am telling Sissy, it is time for a treat for a very good girl.

Seriously Sissy, a VERY  good girl!

Thank you for all the prayers and good and happy wishes you have sent for Daddy and me.

I am going to the Vetlady this week for a check up on my heart, so please keep crossing paws for me and also for my Daddy.

POTP is the best thing ever.

We are all pretty happy around here right now and I hope you all are happy too.

Loveys Sasha