Monday, July 1, 2013

Thank you Jazzi and Blue Mountain

I am so excited!!

  A little while back I was lucky enough to win a contest from sweet Jazzi Jazzi about Father's Day. 

Thanks to Uncle Ed for picking me.

 I won this very cool year subscription to Blue Mountain.com http://www.bluemountain.com/ecards gift cards. 

They have cards for every possible occasion and you can send them to family and pals by email or FB or you can print them on your home puter.

 Mommy and I have been going nuts sending cards to everybody.

 Some of the cards talk even, it is waaaaaaaaaaay cool. 

Thanks Jazzi for having this contest and I love my prize.

 Loveys Sasha


Sketching with Dogs said...

What a super and useful prize Sasha, you will be able to send cards to everyone now. Brilliant.
Dip Bridge and Elliot x

Unknown said...

What a great prize Sasha. Have a marvellous Monday.
Best wishes Molly

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Great prize! That'll keep your mum busy.

We think you look like you are all ready for the 4th of July in your header.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella &Roxy

Duke said...

What a great prize and a very useful one, Sasha!

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

GOOSE said...

That is a very cool prize. MOM and I love Blue Mountain. And you are right, they have cards for EVERYTHING.

Anonymous said...

How nice - cards are always good. I love it to place them on my desktop for a while and can think about my friends. Have a wonderful monday!

Millie and Walter said...

What a fun prize! You get to share your winnings with your friends.

Millie & Walter

Anonymous said...

How fun!! Congrats on winning Sasha!

Two French Bulldogs said...

What a unique prize! Lucky!
Benny & Lily

Unknown said...

PAWSOME!!! Congrats Miss Sasha!
Wally & Sammy

Scooter said...

CONGRATS on the win and I am so glad that you like it. Send away sweet sasha!!

Jazzi and Addi

GizmoGeodog said...

Excellent prize Sasha...And I read about all the great foodables you're cooking up for Benny...you're the best!

Ruby said...

Oh, that is soooo cool Sasha!! A very neat prize indeed! I bets you and your Moms are gonna be busy for a long time! BOL
Ruby ♥

Frank The Tank said...

What a great prize Sasha, have you had your prize from me yet???
Love and Licks from your furiend Frank xxxxxxxx

SquirrelQueen said...

Concats on winning Sasha, that is a great prize.

Kitty Kisses,
Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew