Thursday, June 25, 2009

Help My Mom is Reading About Dog Training

Ok so my Mom found a website about dog training and I heard her reading it to my sister and its not good. Apparently I have something called "small dog syndrome", is that a disease?? She also said that it is my families fault, did they give me a disease?? The story said that my family are not being something called "pack leaders" with me and that is why I am so sassy sometimes because they let me get away with too much. What is wrong with that?? I am supposed to be in charge right?? They actually said that because they let me think I am the "pack leader" is the reason I am so spoiled. Well duh!! Of course I am the leader of this house, I am the guardian of the family. So now is the really scary part, there is talk of my Mom taking me to some kind of class or something and trying to teach me about rules and who's in charge. This is all because she says she loves me very much but is tired of getting bit by me. I don't want to bite her, but how else do I let her know that I am in charge?? When will she finally learn that as long as I get my way everything is cool. Oh well maybe I will get treats at the class and make some new friends and by the end of it maybe I will have my Mom and family trained for good. Wish me luck my friends. Sasha


p.s. Don't let your families go to the link above


Lillian Robinson said...

I must have hit the wrong button with my paw... my comment disappeared!

My mom doesn't let me get away with anything! I guess it's kinda good though... I hardly ever get in trouble anymore and I have lots more friends.

I don't know why she doesn't want me to sniff out everyone to make sure they're safe before they come in. And what's wrong with waiting for the scraps to fall off the table? It seems silly to have to wait until they leave!

Good luck in school. Hope they have a playground!


khaye said...

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- Jan - said...

Awww don't be like that. I'm sure your mommy just want the best for you. Well anyway, good luck and hope you'll have fun :)

Martha said...

Hi Sasha
Our mom watches the dog whisperer - these things are all bad cos it givem them ideas!
Why do they think they should be the pack leader when they aren't even dogs?
It beats us - our advise Sasha is just pretend you cant hear if your mom tries to start this training - it works for us!
Martha & Bailey xxx

Al said...

You're so lucky Sashy, I want to go to school too, maybe next year I hope. You be a good girl there Sashy, you know I always care for you.;)


SquirrelQueen said...

But Sasha, you might like school. You will get to make new friends and play games.

Anne, I lived in Anchorage, AK for ten years and jobs took me all over the state. I'm a former camp director and worked camps in Nome and Barrow. One of the Nome stories is at http://tinyurl.com/mc3udm

Eventually I will post more about the Barrow adventure.

Some folks were asking if I am afraid of getting stung while taking the bee photos, not really. But there were a few times camping in AK I was a little concerned about being eaten, lol.

Hugs and purrs,
Judy & Cindi Lou

Unknown said...

LOLOL! So true...sooooooooooo true. Ginger is actually more calm when I am the pack leader...for true :)


Jan Mader said...

You make me smile, Sasha. I love reading your posts!

Thank you for stopping by my blog for writers. Somehow, I had a feeling that animal lovers ( I mean dogs) would be naturally creative. We already think outside the box...our blogs are proof of that!

Can't wait to see how you fill in the blanks. Just close your eyes and sniff a good long sniff before you start. Hmmm, what does Sasha smell like?

Totally Timmy said...

Timmy has it all figured out. Ignores me most of the time and when I make him behave he howls like I am killing him!! try that in class, your mom will be so embarrassed she will never go back!

Andrea said...

Ok Anne, little button for Sasha is ready (on my blog) :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha!!!! love it:)

Al said...

I'm not going to that training school, I going to a kindergarten school, I like it see me in my backpack and lunchboxes like AL's cousin hahaha.:D

Hugs Sashy


Nita said...

awww that's usually what happens with smaller dogs. They get spoiled to death because they're so adorable.

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

Oh Sasha,

My Mommy read the Dog Whisperer's book cause my big brother just KNOWS he's the pack leader. I don't know why he even wants to be...I like letting the humans being in charge (or just letting them THINK that), more time for me to play in my yard and chase squirrels. You will be so much more smiley when you just let your humans guide you through the day!

Good Luck Smileys,

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Just pretend woo are a SIBERIAN....

I get away with all sorts of stuff!


Mollie Jo and Bobo said...

When I first came to live with my momma I thgought I had to be the pack leader. Well about 3 years ago my momma started watching the dog whisperer (I don't understand that name...he doesn't whisper...he should be the dog engeryer...anyway) and she learned how to be the pack leader and I like it. Now I don't have to worry about keeping Bobo in line or anything. So I now have more time to play and sun bathe. In all its good and I bet you will learn to like it Sasha.

-Mollie Jo (the little poodle)

Unknown said...

Ah with a cute face like that I can see how you can get away with stuff! Maybe I have big dog syndrome!!! I try to wrap my mommy around my big paw, it works most of the time but she tries to make me behave too, darn it! Bear

Checkers & Chess said...

Now Listen to me carefully Sasha - you are in charge - but you have to make them think that THEY are in charge!!!! That obedience school thing just sucks. I went - I graduated - but I am not obedient. I did get treats there - but they kept trying stuff like making me drop the ball, to come when they called and stupid things like that. When I get the ball - it's mine. Why do I need to give it back. I'd rather have it and make them come and get it - or better yet chase me till they fall down and then I just might drop it - hehehe - Remember YOU are in charge - but let them think they are in charge

ocmist said...

Oh, my... You ACTUALLY BITE the hand that feeds you?! Honey, it's alright to be spoiled, but you should NEVER bite the hand that feeds you!!! My Mom (& Dad when home) are top dogs around here, and then Me, and they follow pack rules AND enforce them and that is really good for me now that I'm older and having problems.

For instance, (and don't tell anyone this) Sadie is about 5 times my size, but she KNOWS that she can't hurt us littler dogs or she will be grounded to the front yard for a while. She might forget once a year when emotions are running high (like now when Dott & I are heated up) but she still tends to watch her P's & Q's because she KNOWS MOM is TOP DOG! I think that you will find out you really will like having Mom in charge because others will like you better if you learn manners. OC

Dog_geek said...

Sasha - good luck with school, and for heaven's sake, no more biting!!! Goodness!

Lille Diane said...

Gulp-ity Gulp....
Yikes... Run!!!
Opie Taylor