Friday, May 8, 2009

Sasha's favorite lookout

Sasha keeps me safe always as I work on my computer, every so often she just wanders up to the window and checks for anything suspicious and of course she lets me know if anyone is out there. Often times when I go out and someone is home with her, she goes to the window and watches me leave, it is the saddest thing ever. I always feel so guilty. She does this every morning as my daughter goes off to work, it is sad and yet heartwarming to know that she will be there when we return with love and kisses. There is nothing like having a pet!


Unknown said...

cute post. thanks for the comment i dont have kids yet. happy mother's day to you too.

latin_girl87 said...

Hey Happy Mothers Day to you too. You were the first to say it to me lol! so Thanks :)OOoh I see some new ADs up on here today.. I'll have to check some out ;) Have a bright and happy day!

Nita said...

dogs make such great pets. I always feel bad about leaving my dog home too, but it's such a great feeling when you get home and there's always someone to greet you with kisses.

Pollyanna said...

We had a shepherd/samoyed mix when I was growing up. She used to sit in the window watching until the bus picked us up in the mornings. When she heard the bus coming in the afternoons, she was right there in the window again.

She was a great watch dog as far as our safety was concerned, too bad she'd give away the family jewels if a robber came in - she was just that friendly.