Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The night Sasha ran away

We adopted Sasha in December of 2004, there was a lot of snow that year. One night I opened the front door for a split second just to look outside and Sasha saw her chance and took off running. We had only had her about a week and she was not trained in any way yet. I had on pajamas and slippers but went out after her. The snow was so high that It was hard to see her, and suddenly a neighbors car came backing out of the driveway 2 houses down. As the car drove off Sasha went running chasing after it. I was screaming but they could not hear me. There I was outside in my pajamas and slippers screaming at a car. I thought we had lost her but then there she was just walking back towards the house. By this time my husband came out to help and ever time he would approach her she would run away playfully, yes she was having a grand old time. Finally she had enough and started up towards a neighbors house that had a very simular porch to ours, my husband grabbed her and to add insult to injury on the way home I slipped on some ice and fell. I didn't get hurt but other neighbors had come out now to help as I am laying on the icy sidewalk in my pajamas. I thought I saw Sasha smiling as we came in, and then she spent some time-out in her crate.


latin_girl87 said...

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Ayie said...

She had so much fun to your demise!

The Drifter said...


Thank You for commenting on my page. I am honored you have chosen to follow me.